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Make Your Own Party Hat For The End Of The World


After a successful run as front man with 'Ya Know? THAT BAND' - a Blues Rock and Vintage Rock band from the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire - and years of solo acoustic performances, culminating with the album 'After The Storm', Tod Moses was itching for something a little rougher around the edges, and stripped back down to the primal basics of Rock.  As a result Tod formed 'Fujita 5' in April of 2013 and released 'Make Your Own Party Hat For The End Of The World'.  For this first trip into the whirlwind, Tod enlisted Chris Whitehouse on Drums and Paul Moses on Bass.  Combined with Tod's percussive guitar style and broad ranged vocal talents, the power trio ripped through their debut effort like a Tennessee Twister.

Enter the Whirlwind


Genre: Blues/Rock - Roots/Rock - Modern Rock - Alt Country - Funk

Members: Tod Moses – Guitar & Lead Vocals, Chris Whitehouse – Drums, Paul Moses – Bass & Backing Vocals

Start off with some early Memphis Blues and Memphis Soul. Take a right turn at anything funky - from PFunk to Jamiroquai and GLove. Don't forget to add in a healthy dose of Country. Not the stuff you hear on Country Radio but more like Cash and Willie. Add to this a profound need to rock with influences from British Blues of the late 60s to Minimalist, Post-Millennial Rock of The White Stripes and The Black Keys.

Band Interests: When you look at the genres that we claim to function within, it might seem a bit all over the map but when you consider that it all has its roots in the Blues and you start to listen, you quickly realize that the Fujita 5 sound is only doing what has been done throughout Rock history - which is remaking the Blues into something that uniquely suits the artists. We don't claim to be a Blues band and we don't think you will see anybody accusing us of it, but if you are paying any attention at all, you can't go very far into most of the songs without hearing it.  Even when you hear the Country influences that seem to permeate much of our music, you have to realize that Country Music itself can be tracked in a straight line (right alongside Rock n Roll) back to the Blues.  Basically, like most of our heroes, we are fans first. We like to think of ourselves as musical sponges. While we have crafted what we think is a pretty unique style of our own, there is not a damned thing that we did not learn from the greats who went before us. To them we dedicate this music. 

Artists We Also Like: Jack White, The Black Keys, Southern Culture On The Skids, Them Crooked Vultures, T Rex, Collective Soul, John Hiatt, CCR, David Bowie, Muse, Clutch, Drive By Truckers, Nirvana, Spin Doctors, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Doors, The Beatles (like who doesn't, right?) The Who, ,  and Led Zeppelin.
Yeah, it's all in there... And then Some.

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