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If you are either old enough to have been listening to music back when vinyl LPs were the preferred media of the day, or are part of the new wave of vinyl record fans, then you know that one of the main attractions to this medium is the "Liner Notes", found as part of that packaging.  Many love to sit in front of the stereo and listen to the music while follow along with the lyrics, checking out the cover art, or learning more about the musicians.

This page is dedicated to trying to bring you that experience but even richer, with back stories about the songs and the ability to pick and chose which songs you want to listen to, in whatever order you please, without having to set the needle in just the right place on the record and the oft accompanying  jarring 'BOOM SCRAAATCH!' that goes with it. 

So sit back, put on your headphones, tune out the world, click "MP3 play whole song" and enjoy the ride.


Tod Moses
Tod Moses


An ode to a timeless fashion statement.  They say that every fashion just keeps making the rounds and such is true with big hair.  From the bouffant of the 50s, to the "hive for the honey bees in the late 60s, to the Big Hair of the 80s.  I think we are due for a new millennium version.  I wonder if it will look like the old Sci-Fi movies. 


In the - checkout at the Walmart she stood right in front of me

She said - you better move along son, there's nothing here to see

I asked - how do you make it do that and don't it keep you up at night?

She said if you - want to make a statement you just got to do it right

Then - she just smiled at me and said  

You've got to pile it high


Next I - saw her at the movies where I paid a lot of dough

She - sat right down in front of me so I couldn't see the show

I asked - why do you wear your hair so high I really gotta know?

Then - she looked straight on through me like I must kind of slow

And said if - you want to arrive in style

You've got to pile it high


Then she - took me a place to show me what she means

How was I to know that she was just a little tease

The - bees were buzzin round because they had a place to stay

Cause - every lady in the joint was wearing it that way

Every - man about the place had a just a little smile

Because they - all seemed to know that they were gonna go home in style


So we - slid back in her Caddy and we slithered down the road

Then she - handed me the Brylcreem, showed me how to Pompadour

I said I - think I get the message, yeah this really feels alright

And we - pushed that Eldorado deep into the night

Then I turned to her and smiled - and said...

You've got to pile it high


I've - told you all the story of how I finally saw the light

Now I - keep it high on top but on the sides real tight

I fell in - love that big haired mama who helped me get it right

So we - headed off to Vegas and I made that girl my wife

Cause if you want to ride in style

You've got to pile it high


Tod Moses
John Prine


This is a John Prine song... You know.. the guy with the "illegal smile".  John has long been a legend amongst songwriters and performers but is still a relative unknown in the pop marketplace, despite having penned several songs used by Bonnie Raitt, including one of her signature tunes "Angel From Montgomery".  This song appears to be telling a story about a little girl and the love of a father but in fact is describing a pretty spoiled/self-centered grown woman.   The kind that you just can't help but love anyway.

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You must be daddy's little pumpkin, I can tell by the way you roll
You must be daddy's little pumpkin, I can tell by the way you roll
It's quarter past eleven and you're sleeping on the bedroom floor

I can see the fire burning, Burning right behind your eyes
I can see the fire burning, baby, Burning right behind your eyes
You must've swallowed a candle or some other kind of surprise

I'm going down to Memphis, got three hundred dollars in cash
Yeah, I'm going down to Memphis, got three hundred dollars in cash
All the women in Memphis want to see how long my money will last

I'm going downtown, gonna to rattle somebody's cage
Yeah, I'm going downtown I'm gonna rattle somebody's cage
I'm gonna beat on my guitar, strut all around the stage

Yeah, if you see my baby coming don't you tell her that her daddy's in jail
If you see my baby coming don't you tell her that her daddy's in jail
She'd sell her little pumpkin just to raise her sweet daddy's bail

You must be daddy's little pumpkin, I can tell by the way you roll
You must be daddy's little pumpkin, I can tell by the way you roll
Well, you never do nothing to save your doggone soul, that's right

Tod Moses
Tod Moses


Another Bonnie Raitt connection here, with a song written by longtime Bonnie bassist Freebo - also a fine singer-songwriter in his own right.  Tod heard Freebo do this song at "The Canoe Club" in Hanover, New Hampshire, when he was putting songs together for this album and thought "I have to put this song on my next album".  I noticed that it was completely infectious with the small 'pinky out' crowd, usually more known for rattling their jewelry than raising a ruckus .  They were singing along by the end of the second chorus. Everybody needs a good sing-along song, right?"

Sorry - Due to copyright concerns, you can only stream a small sample here.  The full song is available for download in the "Store" or at your favorite download site, such as iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, etc.



Once upon a time everything was so fine, cozy just my baby and me

I was so well fed, had my breakfast in bed, I was happy as a man could be

Then my buddy called up, had the cutest little pup, I couldn't help but take him in

But little did I know her affection would go to my new little four legged friend



Now she loves the dog more than me (x2)

I love the dog and she loves the dog

But she loves the dog more than me

Bah bah bah bah...


We were lying by the fire, burning with desire, when suddenly to my chagrin

As the fire got stockin' come a cold nose a pokin', somewhere it should not have been

I thought she'd shoo him away but she told him to stay, it kind of took me out of the zone

Now man's best friend gets the girl in the end and I'm left holding the bone


So I'm sittin' here fumin' while he's gettin' all the groomin', that ain't how it's supposed to be

Well you know I don't hate em' but I got an ultimatum, baby it's - the dog or me

Well I got a reply as she lead me outside and handed me my people chow

Now I'm howling at the moon while he's up in the room and I'm in the dog house now


The moral to the story when you fall from the glory, youve gotta do it gracefully

So I'm back in the bed, with the dog at the head, we're a nuclear family

But when she's feeling compelled, it's like a Pavlov's bell, he's salivatin' next to me

Now she's got his tail waggin' while my confidence is draggin', I wish I was a D-O-G

Tod Moses
Bow Thayer


Tod's take on a Bow Thayer modern lullaby.  Bow Thayer is another Vermont singer-songwriter and is one of the rising stars of the Americana and Roots scene.  This song is dedicated to Tod's oldest son, Tod Moses II.


The pace is fast - and the work is slow

Some days drags and sometimes tow

Sitting on the top of the mountain looking down at the coast

Lying on the floor of the ocean, trying not to float

Turtle pools - mother goose

'Sit & Spining' round the room

Outgrow your shoes - break some more rules

Lord knows it's a long road to get to

Between the place of joy and fear



Don't try to hide that you're tired - I can see your fading fire

Burning out on sandman's island - Dreams behind your heavy eyelids

Yeah it's time for bed - lay on down your weary head

And wake up when we feel like it

when the green light of tomorrow starts to shine


Letting go  that slippery rope - that cuts our hands and brings us down

You've got to hold on to what really matters

Turn the lights on and watch them demons scatter

Cause it just might not be as bad as it appears

Don't you know that you will feel it when the green light of tomorrow starts to shine

Tod Moses
Don Henry


Don Henry is another one of Tod's favorite songwriters.  Don is a Grammy winning songwriter who has penned a number of today's top Country songs, recorded by the likes of Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, and Kathy Mattea.  "When I saw Don at a "The Exit Inn" in Nashville, I had no idea that he was already getting cuts by some pretty big names but I fell in love with his songs and his own performance of them" says Tod. "I was hooked".  This song is a powerful song about MLK and his impact on a young boy.  "I especially related to this one and had to give it a shot. The world needs more beautiful fools.  Maybe if there were a few more then they wouldn't seem so foolish"

Sorry - Due to copyright concerns, you can only stream a small sample here.  The full song is available for download in the "Store" or at your favorite download site, such as iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, etc.


Martin Luther who did you think that you were?

Appointed by some higher up

Merely mortal, your plans were unaffordable

No one wants to pay for love



Oh you beautiful fool

Swimmin' up stream, kickin' up waves

Dreams weren't meant to come true

That's why they call 'em dreams

Oh you beautiful fool


Walter Cronkite pre-empted Disney one night

And all us kids were so upset

We thought that you were a trouble instigator

Marchin' through our T.V. set


To fight a fight without a fist all human instinct puzzles this

How dare you threaten our existence

Mahatma Gandhi, Jesus Christ, history repeats itself so nice

Consistently we are resistant to love

I saw you on the black and white

With Blacks and White's applauding you

I saw you on another time

Without a sign of life in you

Tod Moses
Tod Moses


Ok, I'll admit it - The whole weather thing is reoccurring theme with my music

Something about how the same rain storm that we can pray for one day, we will curse on another.  Life seems to be largely about water - whether we are getting enough or too much and usually forgotten about all together if it's just right.  You can find all kinds of analogies here, from love and sex to spirituality.  The thing is balance.  Too little and we dry up and blow away on the breeze.  Too much and we drown, but it's always calm in the eye of the storm.


It's so still in the vortex.

It's so calm in the eye - hear the wind but I can't feel

Nothing's wrong in the vortex

But it's a matter of time - heals the wounds but not for me


Rock a bye On the tree top

Wind blows Cradle will rock

Bough breaks Cradle will fall

And the sum of my fears at the heart of it all


We hang on to our objects

But it's a matter of time - marches on and leaves behind

A list of fears and the index

Gives a pretty good sign of all of the things we've left



Stand straight - facing the wind

Plant feet - time to dig in

Turn back all - blown away

All that is left's at the start of today.

Tod Moses
Tod Moses


Inspired by the persistent weather forecast, almost daily during certain times of the year in beautiful Vermont, where Tod hangs his hat these days.  As you listen to this instrumental, try and picture the fog dropping in over the tops of the Green Mountains, rolling down to cover the valleys below.  There is sort of a Celtic Rock influence here, ala the instrumental work of Phil Keaggy.   Yeah, I know.... More weather.

Tod Moses
Bob Dylan


What's a folk singer-songwriter album without a Bob Dylan cover?  But you can always count on Tod to not do the predictable thing.  'Sweetheart Like You' is originally found on the Mark Knopfler produced 'Infidels' album.  Recorded just after Dylan's brush with Contemporary Christian Music.  Tod has always felt like he related to this album.  Like many of Dylan's songs, people theorize about what the lyrics really mean.  For Tod anyway, this really is just about wondering how a sweet soul of a woman manages to find herself marginalized in a male dominated society, and mired in the garbage that it produces.

Sorry - Due to copyright concerns, you can only stream a small sample here.  The full song is available for download in the "Store" or at your favorite download site, such as iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, etc.


Well the pressure's down,  the boss ain't here.

He's gone north for a while.

They say that vanity got the best of him,

But he sure left here in style.

By the way, that's a cute scarf, and a smile so hard to resist.

What's a sweetheart like you........doing in a dump like this?


You know I once knew a woman who looked like you,

She wanted a whole man, not just a half.

She used to call me sweet daddy when I was only a child,

You kind of remind me of her when you smile.

You know to deal in this game you gotta' make the queen disappear,

It's done with a flick of the wrist.

What's a sweetheart like you doing in a dump like this?


You know a woman like you should be at home.

That's where you belong.

Taking care of somebody nice

Who don't know how to do you wrong.

Just how much abuse will you be able to take?

Well there's no way to tell by that first kiss.

What's a sweetheart like you doing in a dump like this?


You know, you could make a name for yourself.

You could hear those tires squeal.

You could be known as the most beautiful woman

Whoever crawled across cut glass to make a deal


You know news of you has come down line.

Even before you came in the door.

They say you father's house has many mansions.

Each one of em' got a fireproof floor.

Snap out of it baby, people are jealous of you.

They smile at your face but behind your back they hiss.

What's a sweetheart like you doing in a dump like this?


Got to be an important person to be in here honey

Got to have done some evil deeds.

Got to have your own harem when you come in the door.

Got to play your harp until your lips bleed.


They say that patriotism is the last refuge.

To which a scoundrel clings.

Steal a little and they throw you in jail,

Steal a lot and they make you king.

There's only one step down from here, baby

It's called the land of permanent bliss.

What's a sweetheart like you doing in a dump like this?

Tod Moses
Tod Moses
Tod Moses
Tod Moses


A little song about Venus and Mars.  No matter how wonderful of a plutonic relationship a man and a woman have, when she "dances across the floor, it's like somebody pulled a trigger".  "At the end of the day IT'S in the way". 


I know there’s more to you than a fine looking figure

But when you dance across the floor it’s like somebody pulled a trigger

My brain says stop and I start thinking lower

Cause that’s the part of my train that runs a little slower

You know I love you for your mind nearly all the time

But when you look like that it’s in the way…

That you move…


I try and think of you honey as more than just an idol (or model)

Cause you got the soul of a goddess and the mind of Aristotle

You say “when you gonna stop?  My eyes are up here baby”

Aw… But when you walk by my thinking gets a little hazy

You know I try to think about you on a deeper level

But at the end of the day it’s in the way….

That you move it.


I love you down to your soul, I ain't telling you no lie.

You know you have my heart but sometimes you catch my eye.

I ain’t never gonna stop so you might as well forget it

There’s just something but that dress and way that you fill it.

You know I love you for your soul but I just can’t control

Cause’ with a body like that it’s in the way…

That you move it.

Tod Moses
Tod Moses


It seems that no matter how hard he tries, our boy just can't resist at least one song per album that makes a political statement.
Okay... He doesn't try that hard.  It's hard to tell if your average politician is more dishonest or lazy so by either definition, this song gets it right.  Lots to think about here, with more stanzas than a Bob Dylan song, but your going to want to catch every word.
Good thing we provide them below.


Lying on your back, just a lying in the shade

lying about the way the deal is already made.

Thinking about how your going to get out of this

Wondering if they'll catch you pulling your latest trick


But it's all downhill from here

Though how it's gonna happen's not exactly clear

It's just a question of how and when and where

Cause you know it's just a matter of time when your lying around


Lying from the left, lying from the right

Saying it's the day when you know that it's the night

Lying like a dog, lying like a mat

Still I don't think I've ever seen you chase a cat


When it all goes south from here

Whatcha' gonna tell em' that will calm their fear

The method of your madness is becoming clear

Instead of saying what they need to know you'll tell em what they want to hear.


Thought that lying around was the sure way to go

Somebody else can do it was your motto

As long as they don't know that you don't know how to add

Those empty accounts won't really seem that bad


But it all comes out in the light

You can't hide in the corner every day and night

Not sure how your gonna fool em cause you got no clothes

And nothing around here ever grows like the length of your nose.


Lying on your front, lying on your back

Wondering if there ever gonna make you pay it back

Lying about the peace, lying about the war

Wondering if the press will find out about the whore


Lying about the straight, lying about the flush

Wondering if it's possible for you to even blush

Lying to my face, lying through your teeth

Shaken that finger while you diddle around beneath


People starving all over town.

Looking for a leader who will wear that crown

The man tried to tell us we don't need a king

But it makes much easier for us to lie around.

Tod Moses
Tod Moses


Closing out this album with an instrumental named for one Marion Martha Moses.  The song isn't is pretty but it was worth a shot.