Tod Moses




If you are either old enough to have been listening to music back when vinyl LPs were the preferred media of the day, or are part of the new wave of vinyl record fans, then you know that one of the main attractions to this medium is the "Liner Notes", found as part of that packaging.  Many love to sit in front of the stereo and listen to the music while follow along with the lyrics, checking out the cover art, or learning more about the musicians.

This page is dedicated to trying to bring you that experience but even richer, with back stories about the songs and the ability to pick and chose which songs you want to listen to, in whatever order you please, without having to set the needle in just the right place on the record and the oft accompanying  jarring 'BOOM SCRAAATCH!' that goes with it. 

So sit back, put on your headphones, tune out the world, click "MP3 play whole song" and enjoy the ride.