Tod Moses

It's in the Way

Tod Moses
Tod Moses


A little song about Venus and Mars.  No matter how wonderful of a plutonic relationship a man and a woman have, when she "dances across the floor, it's like somebody pulled a trigger".  "At the end of the day IT'S in the way". 


I know there’s more to you than a fine looking figure

But when you dance across the floor it’s like somebody pulled a trigger

My brain says stop and I start thinking lower

Cause that’s the part of my train that runs a little slower

You know I love you for your mind nearly all the time

But when you look like that it’s in the way…

That you move…


I try and think of you honey as more than just an idol (or model)

Cause you got the soul of a goddess and the mind of Aristotle

You say “when you gonna stop?  My eyes are up here baby”

Aw… But when you walk by my thinking gets a little hazy

You know I try to think about you on a deeper level

But at the end of the day it’s in the way….

That you move it.


I love you down to your soul, I ain't telling you no lie.

You know you have my heart but sometimes you catch my eye.

I ain’t never gonna stop so you might as well forget it

There’s just something but that dress and way that you fill it.

You know I love you for your soul but I just can’t control

Cause’ with a body like that it’s in the way…

That you move it.