Tod Moses

Lying Around

Tod Moses
Tod Moses


It seems that no matter how hard he tries, our boy just can't resist at least one song per album that makes a political statement.
Okay... He doesn't try that hard.  It's hard to tell if your average politician is more dishonest or lazy so by either definition, this song gets it right.  Lots to think about here, with more stanzas than a Bob Dylan song, but your going to want to catch every word.
Good thing we provide them below.


Lying on your back, just a lying in the shade

lying about the way the deal is already made.

Thinking about how your going to get out of this

Wondering if they'll catch you pulling your latest trick


But it's all downhill from here

Though how it's gonna happen's not exactly clear

It's just a question of how and when and where

Cause you know it's just a matter of time when your lying around


Lying from the left, lying from the right

Saying it's the day when you know that it's the night

Lying like a dog, lying like a mat

Still I don't think I've ever seen you chase a cat


When it all goes south from here

Whatcha' gonna tell em' that will calm their fear

The method of your madness is becoming clear

Instead of saying what they need to know you'll tell em what they want to hear.


Thought that lying around was the sure way to go

Somebody else can do it was your motto

As long as they don't know that you don't know how to add

Those empty accounts won't really seem that bad


But it all comes out in the light

You can't hide in the corner every day and night

Not sure how your gonna fool em cause you got no clothes

And nothing around here ever grows like the length of your nose.


Lying on your front, lying on your back

Wondering if there ever gonna make you pay it back

Lying about the peace, lying about the war

Wondering if the press will find out about the whore


Lying about the straight, lying about the flush

Wondering if it's possible for you to even blush

Lying to my face, lying through your teeth

Shaken that finger while you diddle around beneath


People starving all over town.

Looking for a leader who will wear that crown

The man tried to tell us we don't need a king

But it makes much easier for us to lie around.