Tod Moses

Pile It High

Tod Moses
Tod Moses


An ode to a timeless fashion statement.  They say that every fashion just keeps making the rounds and such is true with big hair.  From the bouffant of the 50s, to the "hive for the honey bees in the late 60s, to the Big Hair of the 80s.  I think we are due for a new millennium version.  I wonder if it will look like the old Sci-Fi movies. 


In the - checkout at the Walmart she stood right in front of me

She said - you better move along son, there's nothing here to see

I asked - how do you make it do that and don't it keep you up at night?

She said if you - want to make a statement you just got to do it right

Then - she just smiled at me and said  

You've got to pile it high


Next I - saw her at the movies where I paid a lot of dough

She - sat right down in front of me so I couldn't see the show

I asked - why do you wear your hair so high I really gotta know?

Then - she looked straight on through me like I must kind of slow

And said if - you want to arrive in style

You've got to pile it high


Then she - took me a place to show me what she means

How was I to know that she was just a little tease

The - bees were buzzin round because they had a place to stay

Cause - every lady in the joint was wearing it that way

Every - man about the place had a just a little smile

Because they - all seemed to know that they were gonna go home in style


So we - slid back in her Caddy and we slithered down the road

Then she - handed me the Brylcreem, showed me how to Pompadour

I said I - think I get the message, yeah this really feels alright

And we - pushed that Eldorado deep into the night

Then I turned to her and smiled - and said...

You've got to pile it high


I've - told you all the story of how I finally saw the light

Now I - keep it high on top but on the sides real tight

I fell in - love that big haired mama who helped me get it right

So we - headed off to Vegas and I made that girl my wife

Cause if you want to ride in style

You've got to pile it high