Tod Moses

Sandman's Island

Tod Moses
Bow Thayer


Tod's take on a Bow Thayer modern lullaby.  Bow Thayer is another Vermont singer-songwriter and is one of the rising stars of the Americana and Roots scene.  This song is dedicated to Tod's oldest son, Tod Moses II.


The pace is fast - and the work is slow

Some days drags and sometimes tow

Sitting on the top of the mountain looking down at the coast

Lying on the floor of the ocean, trying not to float

Turtle pools - mother goose

'Sit & Spining' round the room

Outgrow your shoes - break some more rules

Lord knows it's a long road to get to

Between the place of joy and fear



Don't try to hide that you're tired - I can see your fading fire

Burning out on sandman's island - Dreams behind your heavy eyelids

Yeah it's time for bed - lay on down your weary head

And wake up when we feel like it

when the green light of tomorrow starts to shine


Letting go  that slippery rope - that cuts our hands and brings us down

You've got to hold on to what really matters

Turn the lights on and watch them demons scatter

Cause it just might not be as bad as it appears

Don't you know that you will feel it when the green light of tomorrow starts to shine