Tod Moses

She Loves the Dog

Tod Moses
Tod Moses


Another Bonnie Raitt connection here, with a song written by longtime Bonnie bassist Freebo - also a fine singer-songwriter in his own right.  Tod heard Freebo do this song at "The Canoe Club" in Hanover, New Hampshire, when he was putting songs together for this album and thought "I have to put this song on my next album".  I noticed that it was completely infectious with the small 'pinky out' crowd, usually more known for rattling their jewelry than raising a ruckus .  They were singing along by the end of the second chorus. Everybody needs a good sing-along song, right?"

Sorry - Due to copyright concerns, you can only stream a small sample here.  The full song is available for download in the "Store" or at your favorite download site, such as iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, etc.



Once upon a time everything was so fine, cozy just my baby and me

I was so well fed, had my breakfast in bed, I was happy as a man could be

Then my buddy called up, had the cutest little pup, I couldn't help but take him in

But little did I know her affection would go to my new little four legged friend



Now she loves the dog more than me (x2)

I love the dog and she loves the dog

But she loves the dog more than me

Bah bah bah bah...


We were lying by the fire, burning with desire, when suddenly to my chagrin

As the fire got stockin' come a cold nose a pokin', somewhere it should not have been

I thought she'd shoo him away but she told him to stay, it kind of took me out of the zone

Now man's best friend gets the girl in the end and I'm left holding the bone


So I'm sittin' here fumin' while he's gettin' all the groomin', that ain't how it's supposed to be

Well you know I don't hate em' but I got an ultimatum, baby it's - the dog or me

Well I got a reply as she lead me outside and handed me my people chow

Now I'm howling at the moon while he's up in the room and I'm in the dog house now


The moral to the story when you fall from the glory, youve gotta do it gracefully

So I'm back in the bed, with the dog at the head, we're a nuclear family

But when she's feeling compelled, it's like a Pavlov's bell, he's salivatin' next to me

Now she's got his tail waggin' while my confidence is draggin', I wish I was a D-O-G