Tod Moses


Tod Moses
Tod Moses


Ok, I'll admit it - The whole weather thing is reoccurring theme with my music

Something about how the same rain storm that we can pray for one day, we will curse on another.  Life seems to be largely about water - whether we are getting enough or too much and usually forgotten about all together if it's just right.  You can find all kinds of analogies here, from love and sex to spirituality.  The thing is balance.  Too little and we dry up and blow away on the breeze.  Too much and we drown, but it's always calm in the eye of the storm.


It's so still in the vortex.

It's so calm in the eye - hear the wind but I can't feel

Nothing's wrong in the vortex

But it's a matter of time - heals the wounds but not for me


Rock a bye On the tree top

Wind blows Cradle will rock

Bough breaks Cradle will fall

And the sum of my fears at the heart of it all


We hang on to our objects

But it's a matter of time - marches on and leaves behind

A list of fears and the index

Gives a pretty good sign of all of the things we've left



Stand straight - facing the wind

Plant feet - time to dig in

Turn back all - blown away

All that is left's at the start of today.