Tod Moses

Tod Moses

Lead Vocals, Guitar

Active in Cleveland Ohio clubs in the late seventies through mid eighties, playing Arena Rock, New Wave, and Country Rock, Tod then moved to Nashville, Tennessee for 13 years as a singer/songwriter and working in Alt-Country & Contemporary Christian Music. During that period he recorded his first solo project 'Through The Desert'.  Tod presently resides in Thetford Center, Vermont.  In the early 2000s Tod worked as drummer and backing vocalist for The Gully Boys, where he also acted as Engineer and Producer of The Gully Boys 2005 release, 'Diluvian Dreams'. 

In 2009 Tod started working as the lead singer, guitarist and front man in the band that would come to be known as Thirty Three & 1/3.  In May of 2011 the band changed its name to 'Ya Know? THAT BAND', moved from doing mostly blues rhythm n' blues and rock covers to crafting their own sound and recording their first album 'That Album'.

Not wanting to lose the muse, Tod set out to return to another part of his roots and began work on a new solo album "After The Storm", released in November of 2011.  This Americana album is a combination of many of the influences found on "That Album" along with a strong background in folk rock, pop and country.

In an interesting stylistic turn, during the Winter of 2012/2013, Tod began writing songs that focused more on the hard knocks of life and love, with a more unique and modern edge, forming a new band with Chris Whitehouse of '3 Dudes In A Groove' on drums, and 'Delta 88' guitarist Paul Moses on bass.  Power trio 'Fujita 5' brings influences from Mississippi Delta Blues, to Led Zeppelin and The Black Keys.  Fujita 5 is an in your face, high energy, romp into a combination of Roots, Alt-Country Blues and Hard Rock.  

Chris Whitehouse

Drums & Backing Vocals

Born in Belgium (a military brat) but raised in Alabama, Chris started out his musical life as a guitarist but always wanted to play drums.  He made the move to drums a few years back and it stuck like glue. Chris has the most natural sense of meter and timing of any drummer that Tod has ever worked with, so he was hooked from the first four bar phrase.

Chris's influences include Pearl Jam, Nirvana, STP, Phish, Green Day, The Decemberists, The Black Keys, The Avette Brothers, Drive-By Truckers. As well as some old school Rock like Bad Co. and much of the same Southern Rock that also informs Tod's songs; like Lynyrd Skynyrd and Tom Petty. Favorite drummers include Keith Moon, Neil Peart, Steve Smith, Chris Culos and John Fishman.