Tod Moses

Beatles Get The Blues


For my next project, I have started work – with a little help from my friends – on a new album of Blues covers of Beatles songs.  Tentatively titled ‘Blue Beatle’, the new album will involve lots of different musicians from around Vermont and New Hampshire and even jump into the ‘way-back machine’ to bring back together some musicians I played with as a teenager, in Akron Ohio.  For the Akron lineup, I will even make the move back to my original instrument, the drum kit and record the rhythm section tracks in the auditorium of my alma mater, Kenmore High School.

Fujita 5 Update


I’m sure that you have been wondering what’s next for Tod Moses and for Fujita 5 and well…. For a guy with a big mouth, I suck at blogging so it’s been a bit dark around here, since the release of the ‘End Of Time’ music video.  My apologies but you probably needed your rest anyway because lots of big stuff is coming down line and fast.  Let’s start with a Fujita 5 update. (read on)

That Album FREE with 300 LIKES


Did the word "FREE" get your attention?  Well, it should have because it's not a gimmick. Once we reach 300 Likes on our Facebook Page, we are going to offer up 'That Album' by 'Ya Know? THAT BAND' for download right here on the website. 

All you have to do is go to the Facebook Page and click LIKE and Share it with your Friends...

New Music Video (The Full Monty)


MaidJahLook, Didn't I?  Trust me, you don't want any of that anyway.

Neither Fujita 5 or I have had any live shows since December so some of you might be wondering what we have been up to. The band has been working like crazy to add a bunch of new songs to the cover set, Ty has been working with some of his other projects, like 'The Wheelers', and Mike has started the process of recording with his band 'KatHedLok'.  And me? Mostly I have been working on producing our first Music Video, which has been an interesting experience for me. So yeah, we have not just been resting our our... ehem... laurels.  No moss ever grows under a tornado.

I have SOME experience working with video (editing live band videos and I even made one attempt at a production video of sorts for my song "Jabba The Rush" in 2012) and have always wanted to dig deeper and learn the tools of editing and post production.  So I bit the bullet and dug in for the F5 song 'End Of Time'. The fun part is that we are including you... the Fans, in this process (see 'End Of Time Video Contest').  I have been working my arse off on this thing but it's also been a real blast to do.

I don't want to give away the store by telling you too much about what else is in this music video but I will say that it's a combination of footage from the studio, with the original F5 lineup (with Chris Whitehouse and Paul Moses) actually recording the song, some topical stock footage, and yours truly having fun with the camera and making an ass out himself (some might say doing what I do best)....

So where are you? If am going all the way on this, so should the fans right? I mean the word "fan" really is just an abbreviation for the word "fanatic" And if the end really is near, than we might as well go out with a smile on... Or with our pants down... Go Ahead... Shock Me... I Have Blur Tools... You Can Trust Me.... Really.

And keep your eye out for the surprise ending that sets up the next phase in the Fujita 5 story. You won't believe your eyes. Our target release date is Early April but you have to get us your video clips by February 13th to be in on the fun.

Stay Tuned,                                                                                                                                                                                       


Who Are Those Guys In The Funny Hats?


It has come to my attention that too many of you are completely unaware of the historical importance of the figures portrayed on the album cover and at, so in the interest of national and planetary security, the common good of all men and shameless self-promotion, this blog is committed to telling you the story of “The Minions”. 

The minions - as they were so aptly named by Fujita 5 graphic artist Jim Tyrell - are not merely an artist rendering of the three members of Fujita 5 but more like our alter egos… The Clark Kent to our Superman, if you will…. Or maybe visa versa....

Starting a Tribe


..."The term tribe or digital tribe is used as a slang term for an unofficial community of people who share a common interest, and usually who are loosely affiliated with each other through social media or other internet mechanisms.

To cut to the chase - We need a tribe and you can be part of it...

Intro To The Website


Time for my first Blog entry.  It's my first time so please be gentle. Let's talk a little about the new website.

A full featured website has been a long time coming.  Sorry for the delays.  Being an "indi artist", you try to rely on the kindness of others to help out as much as you can, and people have the best intentions so their efforts are appreciated either way but, let's face it... people have day jobs and shit happens.  So two weeks ago, I set out to build it myself.  It's still a work in progress so keep checking back.  The bad news (if you can call it that) is that we are still a bit lacking in content but the good news is that there is already a lot more here than there has been for the last 7 months and every time you come back you should find something new that makes it worth the trip...

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