Tod Moses

Fujita 5 Update

I’m sure that you have been wondering what’s next for Tod Moses and for Fujita 5 and well…. For a guy with a big mouth, I suck at blogging so it’s been a bit dark around here, since the release of the ‘End Of Time’ music video (check it out on YouTube).  My apologies but you probably needed your rest anyway because lots of big stuff is coming down line and fast.  Let’s start with a Fujita 5 update.

Since our original bassist Paul Moses left to go off to Castleton State College, we have sort of been begging and borrowing bassist extraordinaire Mike Rozell, and for a time, borrowing Wheeler’s drummer Ty McCarthy, while Chris took some time off.   With the triumphant return of Chris Whitehouse on drums, I thought it was time to let Mike get back to his work with Kathedlok and find a “permanent” bassist. 

Enter… and exit Joe Fame.  Joe is a great bassist and an even better guitarist.  He thought he could take the anchorman slot and agreed to a long term commitment before we brought him onboard, but after just one FANTASTIC night out with F5, he decided that he really wasn’t that committed after all and his guitar was calling him, so wanted to get back to his own music…  Best of luck to Joe.
So the search begins for a new bassist.  If you know one, hook us up.  But let not your little heart be troubled, we ain’t going nowhere….. Unless of course the aliens finally come back for us.

Meanwhile Paul is back for a gig or so, to fulfill our obligations while we regroup.  For me, that’s beyond exciting, since he was not only an integral part of our sound on ‘The Party Hat’ album but being my son, it’s just too much fun to play music with him again. And Chris has been teasing to get Paul back in that saddle since the day he left.  Catch our show at The Monkey House in Winooski, if you are in the Burlington area. We will be headlining this show with some fantastic talent, who we are honored to share a stage with.  Jimmy Ruin and ‘Grandma Moses’….. Now why didn’t I think of that.  But seriously, I expect big things from these guys in the future.

So what’s next for Tod?  Check out the next blog entry titled “Beatles get the Blues”….