Tod Moses

Starting a Tribe

"Tribe" - That's one of the new buzz words in promotions these days and it applies to just about everything but nowhere like it does for the independent artist, musician or band.  Here is the definition as found on Wikipedia "The term tribe or digital tribe is used as a slang term for an unofficial community of people who share a common interest, and usually who are loosely affiliated with each other through social media or other internet mechanisms. In this day, you cannot succeed at anything that relies on the web without one... It's just that simple.

To cut to the chase - We need a tribe and I'm asking you to be part of it.

It all starts with signing up for our email list (which you can see off to the left side), where you can get updates on things that we need help with from our tribe.  You can also subscribe to an RSS Feed of this Blog, where we will be posting 'Calls To Action' when we have new things to role out or suggestions of how you can help.  If you are on Facebook, please make sure that you like our Page. But this is just where it starts. There is a lot of misguided emphasis on things like "Page Likes" but those are really only useful if they lead to action.  So when you see something on Facebook or here on our website that you think is good - such as a Video or a Contest - please Share it with your friends. Send them links to the website (or a particular page on the site) as email links or forward emails that we send out. You can even send a link to a particular webpage on Facebook or Twitter by simply highlight the address in your browser and pasting it there, along with a little personal comment.  Also, when you get free stuff from us, like mp3 downloads, send them on to friends who you think might like it.  YEAH!  If we give it away to you that means that we want you to pass it on, just make sure that they know where you got it.

There are lots of great things coming down the line soon. Starting with a Video Contest where you and your friends can submit video clips for inclusion in our first production music video, and then onto the release of the finished video.  But these ideas will only work if we can count on your help. 

Can we count on your help?

Thanks A Million!!!