Tod Moses

Who Are Those Guys In The Funny Hats?

It has come to my attention that too many of you are completely unaware of the historical importance of the figures portrayed on the album cover and at, so in the interest of national and planetary security, the common good of all men and shameless self-promotion, this blog is committed to telling you the story of “The Minions”. 

The minions - as they were so aptly named by Fujita 5 graphic artist Jim Tyrell - are not merely an artist rendering of the three members of Fujita 5 but more like our alter egos… The Clark Kent to our Superman, if you will…. Or maybe visa versa. 

These three tinfoil hat wearing heroes of our story live in a post apocalyptic world, that has been decimated by a full 'kitchen sink' of end of time scenarios – including zombies, aliens, sinister government and corporate megalomaniacs and yes, of course EF-5 tornados (no doubt, caused by global warming) - and yet still survived.  It is believed that their survival was due to the tinfoil hats that blocked all of those negative radio frequencies that were embedded in all of those vapor trails from all of those jets flying overhead, since this is how the government and corporate megalomaniacs turned much of Earth's population into zombies, so that that they could sell all of that high-priced real estate to the invading alien hoards.  This has all already taken place but YOU wouldn't listen so you were caught unprepared without your tinfoil hat. "How can this be?" you ask.  You are now part of an internet world, where your brain is being harvested through your computer screen, while your body is kept in suspended animation, along with all of the other tens of millions of zombies, warehoused in secret facilities somewhere in the Industrial Midwest. (Probably somewhere just outside of Akron Ohio)

Now, since the whole world has gone to hell in a hat basket, our heroes with the protective headgear figure that they might as well have a party and play some music.  Is there hope for you and the rest of the zombified human race?  Yes, but you must hurry!  Just "Put on your tinfoil hat" and "wait for me at the edge of the sunrise"

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