Tod Moses


Conveniently located in Northfield Vermont, Boarding Gate Studios prides itself on top quality recording at a reasonable price. Projects may be billed on an hourly basis or as package deals. While I need to pay my bills like everyone else, I won’t let that get in the way of bringing you the best possible ‘master quality’ production, by standing over you with a watch in my hand.

While Boarding Gate isn’t a bare-bones operation, there's not a lot of money tied up in bells and whistles either. Many hours of research were applied to equipment purchases to assure quality while not breaking the bank and passing that expense onto the client.  The rooms are acoustically treated, to make mixing and mastering as clear and transparent as possible, so that when you are finished, you will have music that sounds as good on a car stereo or home entertainment system as it does in our production facilities. Take A Look

Need Mastering? While it is always best to get your project mastered in a different facility by a fresh set of ears (no matter how good the mix engineer is), some projects just don’t have that in their budgets. Because I have an accurate listening environment and employ iZotope's 'Ozone' Mastering Software, I can get you masters that will always exceed what they do for you at the disk manufacturing facilities, or through some automated online service and do it for less than the mastering houses charge. I've learned from experience, do not skip this important step if you intend to sell your project to the general public.

Want A Music Video to go with that hot new single? We can do that for you also, and you would be amazed at both the price and quality. Using a combination of stock video clips, live performance footage of your act, and performance in front of ‘green screen’ with chromakey filtering, and a little bit of effects magic during editing, we can get you something that will keep your audience attention. With a GoPro Hero 5 and Sony Vegas video software, it is truly amazing what you can do for a reasonable price. All of the fully produced music videos you see here on the Video Page were recorded, edited and produced by Boarding Gate as well as the new music video by the Tsunamibots

Remote Audio and Video Would you rather have a live music video or just want to get something that looks AND SOUNDS good on to YouTube, to feed your hungry fans or help you book better gigs? Either way, I can do it. Using the GoPro and recording via the PreSonus digital mixer, as the front end, you don’t even need to hire a separate FOH mixer (unless you want to). We can run your live mix and send separate multi-track audio to the PC, mix it down later and sync it to the video. Using this method instead of your friend's smart phone video or your GoPro's built-in microphone, you can get rid off all that crowd noise and have professional quality audio. Upload it to YouTube or the streaming service of your choice or put it on DVD. Boom! You’re a music video star.

Need Help with a Website, Promotions, Social Networking? I can help with all that and more. I’ve spent countless hours and no small sum of money, learning how to do all of this for myself and now I can share my decades of experience with you. From basic consultation in an area or two, to complete artist development, Boarding Gate Studios/Pure & Simple Productions is there for you. If you have the drive, desire and work ethic then I want to succeed as much as you do. If you sound and look great, I sound and look great. I will approach your project with same passion and commitment that I give to my own. No Exceptions!

Contact Me Drop me an EMAIL or give me a CALL at 802-356-3523 today and let's get your project off the ground