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If you are either old enough to have been listening to music back when vinyl LPs were the preferred media of the day, or are part of the new wave of vinyl record fans, then you know that one of the main attractions to this medium is the "Liner Notes", found as part of that packaging.  Many love to sit in front of the stereo and listen to the music while follow along with the lyrics, checking out the cover art, or learning more about the musicians.

This page is dedicated to trying to bring you that experience but even richer, with back stories about the songs and the ability to pick and chose which songs you want to listen to, in whatever order you please, without having to set the needle in just the right place on the record and the oft accompanying  jarring 'BOOM SCRAAATCH!' that goes with it. 

So sit back, put on your headphones, tune out the world, click "MP3 play whole song" and enjoy the ride.  Or you can use the audio player off to the right, which also will allow you to keep listening as you move around the website.  ENJOY!


Fujita 5
Tod Moses


This was the first song written for this album and is more or less the cornerstone of the Fujita 5 sound.  It was the first song that Tod ever wrote on slide guitar.  The concept came to him as he was talking to a friend who in trying desperately to get her mate to get "more culture" decided that "The Antiques Road Show" and going antiquing together might be a good place to start.  It worked... Too Well.  The next thing you know, her guy has filled up the house with cheap art bought at estate sales, hoping to turn a profit.  At this point in the conversation she says "I don't know how to stop it, now we have too many paintings".  That just sounded like a song title and a great analogy for the complicated issues of a long term relationship.  The song idea then sort of took on a life of its own, having little to do with the phrase from an everyday conversation that inspired it.  Here is a dirty little secret about song writing - That's how a LOT of songs are written. 


Too many paintings in the hallways of my mind

Too many images beginning to unwind

So many thoughts appear inside my head

So much emotion hidden in the red

                    TOO MANY PAINTINGS, BABY

So many watercolors running in the rain

They all run together deep within my brain

So many portraits reminding me of you

Too much emotion hidden in the blue.

                  TOO MANY COLOURS, BABY

                  ONLY SO MUCH ART A MAN CAN STAND

 You are like a sculpture left standing in the dark

Whole in the middle that used to hold my heart

Bring it to the light of day and see if something's there

See if all those shadows vanish in the air

                TOO MUCH CLUTTER BABY 

                TIME TO HAVE A FIRE SALE 

                GOT TO CLEAR IT OUT

Fujita 5
Tod Moses


Musically, this is sort of our idea of what would happen if James Brown and The Red Hot Chili Peppers had a love child.  Inspired by  yet another failed prediction of the end of the world on 12/12/12, we thought... seriously?  Well, if this really is 'it', then let's go down with a smile on.  So put on your tinfoil hat, baby cause we're still alive and kickin'.  You can tell that by the massive funk groove laid down by Paul Moses on bass and Chris Whitehouse on drums.


Wait for me at the end of the world

You don’t have to break down and cry like a little girl

I will wait for you at the edge of the sunset

And we’ll show the new world a party they will never forget.

If you'll just put on that party dress for the end of time


I’ll wait for you at the top of the sunrise

If you’re still crying then, I will dry your eyes

Then we’ll face the new day like another tomorrow

And search for another life we don't have to borrow

If you'll just put on you dancing shoes for the end of time


Don't you leave the floor cause we're just getting started

No sense in worrying now, don't be broken hearted

Might as well doll yourself up real good this time

You see that life is full of new beginnings

So just put on your tin-foil-hat 

Fujita 5
Tod Moses


This track brings us back into that Swampy Southern frame of mind that you hear in a lot of Tod's music, with a wicked backbeat and a guitar riff that sounds like it was dredged right off the bottom of the Mississippi River (or maybe the Connecticut, who knows) but with a more aggressive attitude.  A song about a man who just can't stay clear of that woman.  The wrong woman - but it always seems so right at the time.  And who can't relate to that?


I knew the first time that you were a mistake

You sure did prove me right when you caused my heart to break

Came back a second time, how foolish could I be

But now the third time is easier to see.

But It doesn't matter what I do

Can't keep my heart from wanting you


So much confusion, spinning in my brain

My friends say give her up, she's driving you insane

And I can't disagree, the evidence is clear

You're like a dead end road I should put in the rearview mirror

It doesn't matter what I do

Can't keep my heart from wanting you


I tried to give you up a thousand times before

Like a stray kitten you keep coming to my door

If this is crazy then just lock me away

Cause when you start to purr my heart comes out to play

Cause it doesn't matter what I do

Can't keep my heart from wanting you

Fujita 5
Tod Moses


Another tune born of Tod's new obsession with slide guitar.  Let's just call it what it is, shall we?  A song of Wanton Lust.  (See Wanting You description).  What's more Rock n Roll than sex?  Did you know that before the term Rock and Roll was used to describe a music form, it was African American slang for Sex?  I think the founding fathers of Rock n Roll would be proud.  I wonder if we can get this on to The Ed Sullivan Show?


I like the way you move.  I like the way you groove

I like the way you shake. I like the way you quake

I like the way slide.  I like the way you glide

I like the way you bump.  I like the way you grind

I like the way you....       Slither


I like right up close.  I miss you when you're gone

I'll even say your right, When I know damn well you're wrong

I stay awake at night, Until you come back home

I like you so much, I even wrote this song

I like the way you....       Slither


You cause my heart to race, when you look at me that way

And though you make me head ache, you make it go away

When move like that, and turn your head my way

No use in trying to run.  I know I'm gonna stay

I like the way you....       Slither

Fujita 5
Tod Moses


Yep, this is the political song of the album but don't worry, it's "bipartisan".  They're all dirt bags.  Here we get the first full taste of what Tod calls 'Electro-Scat", combining jazz/blues scat singing tradition with specialized vocal effects.  When we started out to do a three piece band, we got to wondering how we could cover more sonic space with just three people.  Tod thought this would be a good opportunity to do something unique using his wide vocal range as another instrument, sometimes adding to and sometimes in replacement of the lead guitar.  And 'Electro-Scat' was born.


Crazies to the left of us, lunatics to the right

Digging in the dirt again, itching for another fight

Searching for the ultimate, wondering in the night

Heads in the sand again, no wonder they can’t see the light

Other people’s money, play another hand, running up the road again

Just kicking the can.


Searching deep inside of you, looking for a better man

Think you see a glimpse of him, catch him if you can

Running with the bulls again, treading water on dry land

Trading on false hope, things are working just as planned  

Master of the universe, fooled em’ all again, playing on the hatred

Just kicking the can.


Line your own pockets, with the money others earn

Learn to play the violin, while you watch the cities burn

Wondering how I made it here, without your guiding hand

You call to revolution, make that final stand

Make believe outrage, manufactured fear, find another victim

Just kicking the can.

Fujita 5
Tod Moses


Possibly the hardest rocking and certainly the darkest song on the album and in Tod's songwriting career.  With a slide solo in combination with 'Electro-Scat' to create a disquieting bridge, unlike anything you have ever heard before.  Controversial?  Yes, but it's not what you think.   This song is written from the perspective of a man who doesn't want to be just another guy who treats his woman like dirt.  "If that's a scratch you've got to itch, then you can be another man's bitch"... Because you sure ain't gonna be mine.


Seems like you want someone who treats you like the maid

One that knows how to act like a man

It's like broken record that you just can't put away

But that's not a tune I'm gonna play


Can't make my trigger finger twitch

Won't make a monster out of me

Cause if that's a scratch you've gotta itch

Then you can be another man's bitch


You say "whip me, beat me make me write bad checks"

You say you like it just that way

But you use me - to help you - fill some sick fantasy

Where I'm the one who does the crime


You can play the victim in your script

But you can do it without me

Cause if that's a wound you gotta itch

Then you can be another man's bitch


You can be the President of this United State

You can rule the whole wild world of me

You can run for cover or stand up for your rights

But you can't push me to that edge


Fujita 5
Tod Moses


See if you can hear the story being told with the beginning and ending foley effects.  'Ants' may be the purest three piece band song on the album.  It was also one of the first songs written for this project.  You could call it political but it's really more social.  Growing up in the "Industrial Midwest", Tod saw up close, how people put all their hopes and dreams into that factory job that would take them "from cradle to grave" with all of their needs taken care of, only to watch so many of those jobs leave those who counted on them in despair.  But it's also about the "group think" mentality that grips the American culture in these turbulent times.  The song only asks one thing of the listener "Think for yourself". 


Ants are marching - See them walking single file

Never falter - Keep on walking mile after mile

Never smiling  - There's no need it's not worthwhile

Watch them follow - Need not know the outcome          

Watch where you're going

There's a cliff up there

Does it matter?

You'll never know if you don't see for your self


Pretty children - Squabbling over tiny crumbs

See the children - Paul once said "see how they run"

Making mud pies - Make believe we all want some

Stick your face in - Need not know the outcome

Lady tells us

"watch what you eat"

What's it taste like?

You'll never know if you don't taste for yourself.


Ants are building - See them make the boss man rich

Never falter - Friday night say "life's a bitch"

Always smiling - Just as long as bellies full

Never question - Need not know the outcome

Watch where you're going

There's a hole down there?

Does it matter?

You'll never know if you don't think for yourself

Fujita 5
Tod Moses


The mellower Pop song of the album but that's only the music.  We continue in the theme of real people struggling with real problems, as our lead character tries to "let loose of the anchor that holds her to this terrestrial plain", only to find that she might have to learn how to feel again before she can fly.


Down around here they say there’s nothing to fear, except for the demons within

She never gives out cause’ she never gives in, she thinks it’s original sin

She’s not unaware of the big world out there, it’s just you can’t see if from here

The muck and the mire have curbed her desire to deal with the pain and the fear.



She says I think I could fly, if only I could cry

I think I could fly, if only I could cry


She says why don’t you see what you’re doing to me, by taking me out of my zone?

Yes I wanted more but it so hard to soar, when you never go too far from home

I said why don’t you run head out towards the sun, instead of settling for this?

She said I tried that before but it ended so sadly, when I thought I had finally found bliss

She said I shut it all down tied myself to the ground, then suddenly nothing felt real

But you can’t overcome when you’re senses are numb, Oh God, I wish I could feel

How I wish I could cry.


You never get loose of the anchor that holds you, to this terrestrial plain

Unless you let go of the ballast acquired, trying to hid from the pain

It’s heavy and tight and hard to get loose from, but worth all the effort it takes

You have to be willing to die just a little, to climb all the walls that you make.

Fujita 5
Tod Moses


'I Zombie'is another post-apocalyptic dance party tune, in the tradition of 'End Of Time', bringing together the old school 'Post Punk Power Pop' of acts like 'The Talking Heads' with the raw aggression that is essential 'Fujita 5' but with tongue planted ever so slightly in cheek.  However, the dual meaning of the lyrics suggests that there is more than one way to be among the living dead.  Either way, you might as well throw a party because they can't kill you when you're already dead.


There's a hole in the middle of my heart you can stick your fist in

And in the middle of a cold dark night you can hear the wind

Rushing through the hole and it makes such a wonderful noise

And I can hear it echo back to me in the sound of my voice

As I moan with delight

I Zombie


There's a numbness in the middle of my soul that you can feel in my breath

And when you feel it on the back of your neck it scares you half to death

There are parts of me scattered about all over this town

Pieces of my heart left all over the cold hard ground

In the dark of the night

I Zombie


There's a coldness coming over the land as the time draws near

It's the kind that makes it easier to play on all of your fear

Will you dance with me honey in the middle of the cold dark night?

It's either that baby or your gonna have to fight for your life

When the mummies incite

I Zombie


They're coming for us baby and it looks like they're loaded for bear

With they're shotguns flashing and they're fists pumping high in the air

But in real life you know that the zombies always win

How can they kill us when we're already dead from within?

When the torches ignite - I Zombie

And the mummies incite - I Zombie

In the dark of the night - I Zombie

As I moan with delight - I Zombie


Fujita 5
Tod Moses


'Raca' is an Old Testament word who's complete meaning is uncertain but it must have meant something in the area of 'Drop Dead, You Pig!' because Jesus, in his Sermon on the Mount said that anybody who used that word was already guilty of murder in their heart.  The context for this song is from a passage written by Carl Jung saying "That I feed the hungry, that I forgive an insult, that I love my enemy in the name of Christ -- all these are undoubtedly great virtues..." But if "I myself am the enemy who must be loved -- what then?... "we say to the brother within us "Raca," and condemn and rage against ourselves."  This is that song of self-condemnation and rage that in any given moment, we all lean towards.  Where else but in a Tod Moses song, will you get Jesus, Gandhi and Jung all referenced in a Heavy Metal tune?   


Christ said “love your enemies”

What if that enemy is me?

What if I should discover

I am among the least of these?



Raca -I feel the rage against me self

Raca - Turning in against itself


They say “eye for eye” makes the whole world blind

What if it’s me that cannot see?

Can I dig in an pull it out

And find the darkness underneath?


Can I hide if from myself

Can you hide your soul from me

And just pretend we're someone else

Nobody else can ever see

All those hallowed crosses

On the front lawn of my mind

Burn the flames  of truth

That we cannot hide

Fujita 5
Tod Moses


In a way, this song is an answer to 'Raca'.  "It's not as fatalistic as it just might appear".  This Alt-Country foot stomper delivers the message to "lighten up a little, add some joy into your life"  If you have begun to sense a theme here you are right, and that theme is probably best summed up with the lyrics to this song.  Life is short, so soldier on passed the pain and take hold of whatever joy life brings you.


I saw a man out on the street with some asphalt for a bed

He asked me for a dollar like that's all he ever had

I said you must be joking, you'll  just use if for some booze

He told me that's the one bet on which I couldn't loose

He said he'd trusted everything and found it all a lie

So eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die.


I knew a man named Washboard Bill who thought he'd lost his mind

Till he found it at the bottom of gully feelin' fine

He said that when you're lying with a knife stuck in your heart

It changes your perspective about where you need to start

Said I used to worry but now I don't have time

So eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die


I knew a girl named Sally who'd been locked up in room

Then been left abandoned, swept up like with a broom

So she got her act together and she took it on the road

But the ghosts just kept on haunting her and adding to the load

I asked he for the answers she said I don't know why

Just eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die


There was politician who thought he'd change the world

But his dreams had all been shattered when he found he was no good

Said if you want to change the system gotta do it from within

He wasn't talkin bout the government he was talkin about him

See people are just people from Boston to Shanghais

So eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die


The moral of this story is not what gets you through the night

And it isn't either giving up, at least not without a fight

It's not as fatalistic as it just might appear

I'd rather die from heartache than live a life of fear.

So lighten up a little, add some joy into your life

And eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die

Fujita 5
Tod Moses


It might seem odd to end this album with a slow love song but there is always light at the end of that tunnel and sometimes that light is found in a smile.  This song could be at home on a Country, Pop or Rock album but here we find it finishing out this set of cathartic songs about the trials and hardships of everyday life and the coldness of a once great culture perhaps breathing it's last.  Like so many of our days, 'Clara, She Smiles' starts with the cold of Winter but ends with the light brought by the smile of one we love, that can somehow "Chase the dark away". 


Fresh snow falling to cover the barren ground

Same as the tears hide all the pain

The true mystery is hidden underground

In a grave still warm, covering up the shame

Deepest winter begins the coldest night

Pull the covers round my face

They say the night is always darkest before the dawn

Feels like the sun may never rise and chase the dark away



Then Clara, she smiles

And the light shines from her eyes

Emanating from deep within her soul

And warming up the night again As Clara, she smiles.


People in this room are dark and void of hope

Trusting neither man nor God

The whole universe, seems at the end of a rope

Holding on to nothing, while grasping for the dark

Party's over and the guests are going home

Back into their hiding place

She just stands there and smiles at me that way

And the room feels warmer and light fills the space