Tod Moses

Another Man's Bitch

Fujita 5
Tod Moses


Possibly the hardest rocking and certainly the darkest song on the album and in Tod's songwriting career.  With a slide solo in combination with 'Electro-Scat' to create a disquieting bridge, unlike anything you have ever heard before.  Controversial?  Yes, but it's not what you think.   This song is written from the perspective of a man who doesn't want to be just another guy who treats his woman like dirt.  "If that's a scratch you've got to itch, then you can be another man's bitch"... Because you sure ain't gonna be mine.


Seems like you want someone who treats you like the maid

One that knows how to act like a man

It's like broken record that you just can't put away

But that's not a tune I'm gonna play


Can't make my trigger finger twitch

Won't make a monster out of me

Cause if that's a scratch you've gotta itch

Then you can be another man's bitch


You say "whip me, beat me make me write bad checks"

You say you like it just that way

But you use me - to help you - fill some sick fantasy

Where I'm the one who does the crime


You can play the victim in your script

But you can do it without me

Cause if that's a wound you gotta itch

Then you can be another man's bitch


You can be the President of this United State

You can rule the whole wild world of me

You can run for cover or stand up for your rights

But you can't push me to that edge