Tod Moses


Fujita 5
Tod Moses


See if you can hear the story being told with the beginning and ending foley effects.  'Ants' may be the purest three piece band song on the album.  It was also one of the first songs written for this project.  You could call it political but it's really more social.  Growing up in the "Industrial Midwest", Tod saw up close, how people put all their hopes and dreams into that factory job that would take them "from cradle to grave" with all of their needs taken care of, only to watch so many of those jobs leave those who counted on them in despair.  But it's also about the "group think" mentality that grips the American culture in these turbulent times.  The song only asks one thing of the listener "Think for yourself". 


Ants are marching - See them walking single file

Never falter - Keep on walking mile after mile

Never smiling  - There's no need it's not worthwhile

Watch them follow - Need not know the outcome          

Watch where you're going

There's a cliff up there

Does it matter?

You'll never know if you don't see for your self


Pretty children - Squabbling over tiny crumbs

See the children - Paul once said "see how they run"

Making mud pies - Make believe we all want some

Stick your face in - Need not know the outcome

Lady tells us

"watch what you eat"

What's it taste like?

You'll never know if you don't taste for yourself.


Ants are building - See them make the boss man rich

Never falter - Friday night say "life's a bitch"

Always smiling - Just as long as bellies full

Never question - Need not know the outcome

Watch where you're going

There's a hole down there?

Does it matter?

You'll never know if you don't think for yourself