Tod Moses

Clara, She Smiles

Fujita 5
Tod Moses


It might seem odd to end this album with a slow love song but there is always light at the end of that tunnel and sometimes that light is found in a smile.  This song could be at home on a Country, Pop or Rock album but here we find it finishing out this set of cathartic songs about the trials and hardships of everyday life and the coldness of a once great culture perhaps breathing it's last.  Like so many of our days, 'Clara, She Smiles' starts with the cold of Winter but ends with the light brought by the smile of one we love, that can somehow "Chase the dark away". 


Fresh snow falling to cover the barren ground

Same as the tears hide all the pain

The true mystery is hidden underground

In a grave still warm, covering up the shame

Deepest winter begins the coldest night

Pull the covers round my face

They say the night is always darkest before the dawn

Feels like the sun may never rise and chase the dark away



Then Clara, she smiles

And the light shines from her eyes

Emanating from deep within her soul

And warming up the night again As Clara, she smiles.


People in this room are dark and void of hope

Trusting neither man nor God

The whole universe, seems at the end of a rope

Holding on to nothing, while grasping for the dark

Party's over and the guests are going home

Back into their hiding place

She just stands there and smiles at me that way

And the room feels warmer and light fills the space