Tod Moses

End of Time (Tinfoil Hat)

Fujita 5
Tod Moses


Musically, this is sort of our idea of what would happen if James Brown and The Red Hot Chili Peppers had a love child.  Inspired by  yet another failed prediction of the end of the world on 12/12/12, we thought... seriously?  Well, if this really is 'it', then let's go down with a smile on.  So put on your tinfoil hat, baby cause we're still alive and kickin'.  You can tell that by the massive funk groove laid down by Paul Moses on bass and Chris Whitehouse on drums.


Wait for me at the end of the world

You don’t have to break down and cry like a little girl

I will wait for you at the edge of the sunset

And we’ll show the new world a party they will never forget.

If you'll just put on that party dress for the end of time


I’ll wait for you at the top of the sunrise

If you’re still crying then, I will dry your eyes

Then we’ll face the new day like another tomorrow

And search for another life we don't have to borrow

If you'll just put on you dancing shoes for the end of time


Don't you leave the floor cause we're just getting started

No sense in worrying now, don't be broken hearted

Might as well doll yourself up real good this time

You see that life is full of new beginnings

So just put on your tin-foil-hat