Tod Moses

I Zombie

Fujita 5
Tod Moses


'I Zombie'is another post-apocalyptic dance party tune, in the tradition of 'End Of Time', bringing together the old school 'Post Punk Power Pop' of acts like 'The Talking Heads' with the raw aggression that is essential 'Fujita 5' but with tongue planted ever so slightly in cheek.  However, the dual meaning of the lyrics suggests that there is more than one way to be among the living dead.  Either way, you might as well throw a party because they can't kill you when you're already dead.


There's a hole in the middle of my heart you can stick your fist in

And in the middle of a cold dark night you can hear the wind

Rushing through the hole and it makes such a wonderful noise

And I can hear it echo back to me in the sound of my voice

As I moan with delight

I Zombie


There's a numbness in the middle of my soul that you can feel in my breath

And when you feel it on the back of your neck it scares you half to death

There are parts of me scattered about all over this town

Pieces of my heart left all over the cold hard ground

In the dark of the night

I Zombie


There's a coldness coming over the land as the time draws near

It's the kind that makes it easier to play on all of your fear

Will you dance with me honey in the middle of the cold dark night?

It's either that baby or your gonna have to fight for your life

When the mummies incite

I Zombie


They're coming for us baby and it looks like they're loaded for bear

With they're shotguns flashing and they're fists pumping high in the air

But in real life you know that the zombies always win

How can they kill us when we're already dead from within?

When the torches ignite - I Zombie

And the mummies incite - I Zombie

In the dark of the night - I Zombie

As I moan with delight - I Zombie