Tod Moses

If Only I Could Cry

Fujita 5
Tod Moses


The mellower Pop song of the album but that's only the music.  We continue in the theme of real people struggling with real problems, as our lead character tries to "let loose of the anchor that holds her to this terrestrial plain", only to find that she might have to learn how to feel again before she can fly.


Down around here they say there’s nothing to fear, except for the demons within

She never gives out cause’ she never gives in, she thinks it’s original sin

She’s not unaware of the big world out there, it’s just you can’t see if from here

The muck and the mire have curbed her desire to deal with the pain and the fear.



She says I think I could fly, if only I could cry

I think I could fly, if only I could cry


She says why don’t you see what you’re doing to me, by taking me out of my zone?

Yes I wanted more but it so hard to soar, when you never go too far from home

I said why don’t you run head out towards the sun, instead of settling for this?

She said I tried that before but it ended so sadly, when I thought I had finally found bliss

She said I shut it all down tied myself to the ground, then suddenly nothing felt real

But you can’t overcome when you’re senses are numb, Oh God, I wish I could feel

How I wish I could cry.


You never get loose of the anchor that holds you, to this terrestrial plain

Unless you let go of the ballast acquired, trying to hid from the pain

It’s heavy and tight and hard to get loose from, but worth all the effort it takes

You have to be willing to die just a little, to climb all the walls that you make.