Tod Moses

Kicking the Can

Fujita 5
Tod Moses


Yep, this is the political song of the album but don't worry, it's "bipartisan".  They're all dirt bags.  Here we get the first full taste of what Tod calls 'Electro-Scat", combining jazz/blues scat singing tradition with specialized vocal effects.  When we started out to do a three piece band, we got to wondering how we could cover more sonic space with just three people.  Tod thought this would be a good opportunity to do something unique using his wide vocal range as another instrument, sometimes adding to and sometimes in replacement of the lead guitar.  And 'Electro-Scat' was born.


Crazies to the left of us, lunatics to the right

Digging in the dirt again, itching for another fight

Searching for the ultimate, wondering in the night

Heads in the sand again, no wonder they can’t see the light

Other people’s money, play another hand, running up the road again

Just kicking the can.


Searching deep inside of you, looking for a better man

Think you see a glimpse of him, catch him if you can

Running with the bulls again, treading water on dry land

Trading on false hope, things are working just as planned  

Master of the universe, fooled em’ all again, playing on the hatred

Just kicking the can.


Line your own pockets, with the money others earn

Learn to play the violin, while you watch the cities burn

Wondering how I made it here, without your guiding hand

You call to revolution, make that final stand

Make believe outrage, manufactured fear, find another victim

Just kicking the can.