Tod Moses

Too Many Paintings

Fujita 5
Tod Moses


This was the first song written for this album and is more or less the cornerstone of the Fujita 5 sound.  It was the first song that Tod ever wrote on slide guitar.  The concept came to him as he was talking to a friend who in trying desperately to get her mate to get "more culture" decided that "The Antiques Road Show" and going antiquing together might be a good place to start.  It worked... Too Well.  The next thing you know, her guy has filled up the house with cheap art bought at estate sales, hoping to turn a profit.  At this point in the conversation she says "I don't know how to stop it, now we have too many paintings".  That just sounded like a song title and a great analogy for the complicated issues of a long term relationship.  The song idea then sort of took on a life of its own, having little to do with the phrase from an everyday conversation that inspired it.  Here is a dirty little secret about song writing - That's how a LOT of songs are written. 


Too many paintings in the hallways of my mind

Too many images beginning to unwind

So many thoughts appear inside my head

So much emotion hidden in the red

                    TOO MANY PAINTINGS, BABY

So many watercolors running in the rain

They all run together deep within my brain

So many portraits reminding me of you

Too much emotion hidden in the blue.

                  TOO MANY COLOURS, BABY

                  ONLY SO MUCH ART A MAN CAN STAND

 You are like a sculpture left standing in the dark

Whole in the middle that used to hold my heart

Bring it to the light of day and see if something's there

See if all those shadows vanish in the air

                TOO MUCH CLUTTER BABY 

                TIME TO HAVE A FIRE SALE 

                GOT TO CLEAR IT OUT