Tod Moses

Tod Moses & Fujita 5
Tod Moses & Fujita 5


When the madness of the king has swept across the land

And the enemy within has got the upper hand

They’re looking for it everywhere but it’s nowhere to be found

They ask me if I held it once and why I let them down

It tell them that I held it close but somewhere down the line

It’s Gone Missing


There’s a quiet place within away from all the noise

It used to be the key to it was found within my voice

But there’s a difference between quiet and silent as a stone

It’s like somebody locked the door and left me all alone

You ask me if the secret is locked inside my mind

It’s Gone Missing


In the caverns of my soul that used to show me light

I now can only find the darkness of the night

It’s like a big ole’ spider web’s been spun inside my head

And strangling the thoughts until they’re left for dead

You ask me if I feel okay or have I lost my mind

Well, it’s Gone Missing

Blue Beetle

by Tod Moses and Co.