Tod Moses

Have you ever been in one of those conversations where somebody is talking about a great song they just heard and they are saying something like
"ya know, that song, on that album, by Ya Know? THAT BAND?"  Well finally, here they are....

Or they were at least anyway.  For four years That Band rocked the Upper Connecticut River Valley and there music still lives on 

You can find it here -


THAT BAND consisted of Tod Moses - Vocals Guitar & Drums, Kit Creeger - Vocals & Guitar - Jim Murray - Vocals & Bass,

Dan Borden - Drums, Phil Desmond - Drums and Dalton Winslow - Keys

With musical influences steming from rocks' earliest influences like Ray Charles, through the vinyl favorites of the 50's & 60's like Elvis & The Beatles, as well as R&B greats like Wilson Picket.  Continuing through "album oriented rock" legends like Clapton, CCR, Springsteen, & Dire Straits, and even giving a nod to more recent groove-miesters such as Ben Harper