Tod Moses

Better Than Me

Ya Know? That Band
Tod Moses & Kit Creeger


Kit and Tod decided to sit down and write a song, in the style of the old jump tunes that have been a staple of the band since day one.  The result is really beyond fun.  It features Kit on guitars and Dalton Winslow on keys.  As for the subject matter; men are dogs... Nough' Said. 


I spend all day just a lyin'  in the shade

Like an old hound dog just collecting fleas

Not thinking passed the nose upon my face

So I am on my knees askin' darling please

Want you come take pity on little old me



I want a girl who's sweet as can be

I need a woman lookin' after me

I'm lost on my own baby can't you see that

I need a woman what's better than me


Night time come just a howlin at the moon

Like an old gray wolf on summer's eve

Not carin' at all that the mornin's commin' soon

But when the night gets cold and I need someone to hold

Won't you please come over and cuddle with me


I know that you be better suited to a man of wealth

But your stuck here with something that looks like it should be condemned by the board of health