Tod Moses

Hole In the Floor

Ya Know? That Band
Tod Moses


This is really how the whole thing (That Album) got started. We started out as a cover band called

“Thirty Three & 1/3”. We decided that we wanted to do an album but that we needed more than just covers, so Tod set out to write a dance tune. Well, anybody that knows Tod, knows that his lyrics are not historically “dance tune” material. “It was kind of a songwriting exercise, and in the end I was so happy with it that it sort of spawned 8 more new songs, and the rest, as they say, is history”


Time to heat up the floor, kick up some dust

Forget about your week cause’ you know it’s a bust

Got to lay it down and look for your bliss

Been waitin’ all week for a moment like this

Time to cut loose and shake it on down

Come on out tonight and lets tear up the town.



Dance, dance, dance yourself a hole in the floor

Shake, shake, shake till you can’t take it no more.

Swing, swing, swing cause’ you know what’s in store

Ya got to, Dance, dance dance…      till there’s a hole in the floor


Whether it’s hot rock n roll or the rhythm n blues

Come on over baby you got nothin’ to lose

You want to shake it loose, want to get down

Got to find the place with the best tunes in town

And there’s some boys out back with some mighty fine stuff

But you won’t be needin’ that because the music’s enough               


There’s a party tonight and you know the place

You say you will not be there but I know that ain’t the case

Got on your dancin’ shoes and laced em’ up tight

Put em out on the floor cause you got to make it right

Burned out the souls and it’s down to your socks

Now I smell burnt flesh because this place rocks