Tod Moses


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Tod Moses


This song was sort of inspired by a combination of Billy Joel's “The Stranger” (we all have a face that we hide away forever, and we take them out and show ourselves when everyone has gone) and a bit of classic childrens literature. See if you can figure out which story.


Sun goes down behind me as it slides across your face

I see you brought a friend with you but I can't see her face

I wonder what she's thinking or what she has in mind

Walks across the room with you but just a step behind

Seems so independent, though she stays right be you

Something quite mysterious and yet I can see through

Your Silhouette

Looking in the mirror, a shadow from behind

Is it creeping up on me or have I lost my mind

Don't know if it's friend or foe or what it wants of me

Perhaps if I can learn from it, the other side I'll see

Is it just a friend of mine, like the one that followed Pete

And will he entertain you while he's keep watch on me

My Silhouette

Shouldn't I dig deeper to find the other side

Or keep it in the background and somehow try to hide

Can it really be that scary or is it just a friend

Can we ever know it till we take but the hand

That Silhouette