Tod Moses

Six Strings and A Block of Wood

Ya Know? That Band
Tod Moses


Another romp through the swamp but this time in more of a Country frame of mind.  A little bit of a Little Village on this one, along with Tod doing some more of the 'Reed-esque' chicken-pluckin'-finger-pickin' (say that five times fast and see if you don't get in trouble with the censors) .   Every boy wants a guitar and every momma rues the day she ordered it from the Sears Catalog.


Mama come into my room with a great big frown

Sayin’ whats-a-matta-you won’t you turn that shit down

I try to leave on the stand sittin over in the corner

But it just keeps callin’ to me so I don’t really wanta

Mama don’t understand and I don’t think she ever could

She says it’s only six strings

And a block of wood



Six strings and a block of wood

I try to walk away, but it ain't no good

Makes it hard to earn a living like I know I should

Cause it's more than six strings and a block of wood



The boss man say I don’t focus on my work

My girlfriend tells me that I’m nothing but a jerk

She comes over for some lovin’ but my heart isn’t in it

See I’m workin’ on this song and I gotta get it finished

She says I doubt it keeps you warm like a girlfriend could

Cause’ it’s only six strings

And a block of wood.